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At www.visitmurciagolf.com the team is based in the Murcia region.  We are not based in UK or remotely we are hands on in the region and surrounding areas. Our speciality is assisting and organising all size of golf parties in Murcia, Alicante and Almeria.  We can organise the tee times, the accommodation and all aspects of their golf trip. Also we will point all individuals in the party in the right direction (including non-golfers) to the delights of this special part of Spain.  The culture, the restaurants, the festivals, the shopping and the unbelievable range of activities and places to go make this a fascinating place to visit.


This area is for the discerning golfer.  The variety and quality of the golf courses means any golfer who truly appreciates the game will not be disappointed.  The 320+ days of sunshine make this a paradise as regards the weather.  While UK and Northern Europe have those long winter blues within 2-3 hours lies perfect golfing conditions. The overall quality is at the highest level.  No true golfer will be seriously disappointed.


At www.visitmurciagolf.com we know that relaxing in Spain allows the discerning golfer to enjoy the game in wonderful conditions.  It also allows time to sort out any swing problems, practise the short game and get the game honed for the season ahead.  So we provide all the year round teaching facilities for all aspects of the game.  From getting it right off the tee to keeping those irons consistent to saving lots of shots around the green we can help.  This can be done on an individual basis or on a group basis.  Any size of group is possible.  This happening all the year round and we are delighted to announce that from October 2014 we will have the latest equipment available for full swing analysis in fine detail.  The golf studio will be easily accessible, within an easy reachable distance from all the local courses.  In April 2014 we will be announcing the appointment of a Director of Golf who will bring a wealth of experience to all these matters and ensure we are providing top of the range and the best facilities in the region.  The Director will ensure all aspects of any size of party’s requirements are attended to. Personal advice on the courses, tee-time arranging, individual and group lessons on all aspects of the game and generally making sure everything runs to plan will be all part of his remit.


This will be available to all types of golf tourists.  Short stay, longer stay and to residents and long stay visitors will be catered for.  The strain will be off anyone needing any aspect of golf in the area. You contact us and we will provide.  For newcomers to the area you will be given the best advice ensuring your stay and play runs without a hitch.


At www.visitmurciagolf.com we are also pleased to recommend highly the services of a local PGA teaching professional Tim Coombe who been in the area for 13 years.  Tim brings a wealth of experience to golf teaching and is based in the area all the year round.  He is freelance and can accommodate individual and group lessons to suit the client.  He is an expert in all aspects of the game – long game, iron play and short game.  Tim can be contacted through us or directly on timross78@hotmail.com or +34 625 364 112.  Just let him know you got your recommendation here.




JOHN KING                  www.visitmurciagolf.com                                          28 March 2014