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  • Alhama Signature Golf - 1 Green Fee
    Alhama Signature Golf
    1 Green Fee for €53.00 at Alhama Signature Golf

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  • Mar Menor Golf - 1 Green Fee
    Mar Menor Golf
    1 Green Fee for €53.00 at Mar Menor Golf

    more >
  • El Valle Golf Resort - 1 Green Fee
    El Valle Golf Resort
    1 Green Fee for €53.00 at El Valle Golf Resort

    more >
  • Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort - 1 Green Fee
    Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort
    1 Green Fee for €53.00 at Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

    more >
  • La Torre Golf Resort - 1 Green Fee
    La Torre Golf Resort
    1 Green Fee for €53.00 at La Torre Golf Resort

    more >
  • Las Ramblas Golf - 2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON
    Las Ramblas Golf
    2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON for €120.00 at Las Ramblas Golf

    more >
  • La Finca Golf Course - 2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON
    La Finca Golf Course
    2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON for €160.00 at La Finca Golf Course

    more >
  • Roda Golf - 2 players + buggy MID SEASON
    Roda Golf
    2 players + buggy MID SEASON for €114.00 at Roda Golf

    more >
  • Villamartin Golf Club - 2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON
    Villamartin Golf Club
    2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON for €136.00 at Villamartin Golf Club

    more >
  • Roda Golf - 2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON
    Roda Golf
    2 players + buggy HIGH SEASON for €138.00 at Roda Golf

    more >

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Latest News


  • El Valle Golf Resort
  • "In February 2017, following major heart surgery, I had the occasion to not only holiday in the region of Murcia but also find the Golf Academy of Paul Carpenter. Having told that to swing a golf club again could cause problems -after the sternum had been cut open twice in 10 days- I was determined to find a solution. To give up the game that I had been persevering with for the last 60+ years- was not an option. Finding the location of the Academy was easy, but I was suroprised to find it indoors and run with computer modules. How wrong can one be in having preconceived ideas! Paul Carpenter is one of the most engaging and professional golf coaches that I have come accros: And I have come across many in the search for achievement. His aim is to explain what is generatiing the individuals problem and, in my instance, find a swing that will not only reduce chest paing but will allow you to enjoy fully, a round of golf. A 30-minute initial session gives Paul the route for the solution. Youeither accept this or not. I would suggest that acceptance is the best answer! This was followed by several 30 minute lessons over a period of days which resulted in not only an understanding but also an ability to hit a golf ball straight and a fair distance. Personally, I cannot speak more highly of Paul. Not only for his indoor training but also for his willingness to follow this traing through on a local 9-hole golf course which is setout to test even the low handicap players. He offers through his Academy a complete package. His ability to help is not solely directed to the mid and/or high-handicap golfers. Durinng my time with him several golf professionals were inn his care to rectify their individual swing problems. Thank you, Paul, and I can only hope that the above will encourage others to meet with you so that they too can enjoy their game of golf to a greater degree."
  • - Roderick Hutchinson
  • (went to El Valle Golf Resort)
  • Peraleja Golf
  • "I began having golf lessons with Paul about 4 months ago. I was a complete novice, having never played golf or picked up a golf club before. I became interested in golf as my son, daughter and husband all played. Initially Paul focused on the basics, how to hold the club, address the ball and building up my swing. As my lessons progressed Paul has further developed these areas, focusing on balance, adapting my grip and working on my swing. Paul has additionally taught me aspects of golf including understanding the rules, how to read greens, club selection, and the best approach to take. He has taught me the importance of positive thinking and mental attitude. I have had lessons both on the range and on the course and these have given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to complete a round. I have been able to specify areas I want to develop in lessons on the course, to include chip shots, pitch shots and bunker play. On the range I have been able to focus more intensely on using the array of clubs, improving my swing and correcting any faults. My son and daughter go to lessons with Paul with excitement and thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson. Paul understands children's minds which enables him to coach with authority but in a friendly manner. He controls the lessons and keeps the children's interest throughout each lesson. He always has a smile on his face rewards the kids when they deserve it and gives positive praise. As a family we all have lessons with Paul weekly and we all find him approachable, friendly with a great sense of humour when appropriate whilst maintaining professional attitude. I would highly recommend Paul as a coach for players of all abilities and we all look forward to improving our game with Paul in the future. "
  • - Diane Peat
  • (went to Peraleja Golf)
  • El Valle Golf Resort
  • "To the team at VMG thanks you so much for making Jean and my holiday so easy and enjoyable. We couldn't have wished it to have gone any smoother. Thanks Paul for the lesson - Jean says her 5 wood is sorted out now! We will be back next year. Kind regards Jill"
  • - Jill Peppett
  • (went to El Valle Golf Resort)
  • El Valle Golf Resort
  • "I am involved extensively in golf circles in the south of England as a comedian, raconteur and charity auctioneer. El Valle and the area offers all the discerning golfer wants. High standard of golf course, friendly clubhouse staff and a wide variety of things to do away from the course. At visitmurciagolf.com that can look after all aspects of your trip and in particular the accommodation is top quality."
  • - Adger Brown (8 handicap) Comedian and Raconteur
  • (went to El Valle Golf Resort)
  • Las Colinas
  • Hacienda del alamo
  • Hacienda Riquelme
  • La Manga club
  • Alhama Signature
  • Saurines de la Torre
  • Peraleja Golf