Terms of service

Visit MurciaGolf Terms and Conditions of Service


1) Reservations can be made on our website, over the phone, or by visiting our offices.

2) VisitMurciaGolf.com do not operate a Minimum Booking Period, reservations can be made on the day of your desired tee time, subject to course availability.

3) VisitMurciaGolf.com will usually confirm tee time requests within 24 hours, but please allow longer during busy periods.

4) Should you need to amend any part of your reservation, such as number of players or the time, this will be done free of charge – so long as sufficient notice is given - by contacting VisitMurciaGolf.com, quoting your Booking Reference Number. Amendments to travel are subject to availability, and under no circumstance should the customer directly contact the course.


1) VisitMurciaGolf.com will request payment once tee times have been confirmed by the course and accepted. We require full payment on receipt of payment advice.

2) Payment can be made online via Mastercard, Visa or Paypal. We can also accept Mastercard, Visa and cash if you make your reservation in person at our office.

3) Should you request other equipment to be hired, such as buggies, trolleys or clubs this must be paid directly to the courses, unless booked in advance as part of a package deal.

4) Players who do not hold a Spanish Golf Federation license may be required to pay an insurance charge, €3.00 per person, directly to the course.


1) Once your tee time has been confirmed with the course by VisitMurciaGolf.com will be issued to you, either electronically by email within 24 hours of receipt of your request, or in person if you visit us at our office. This will be the confirmation of your tee time and course; this will need to be presented at the golf course on arrival.

2) It is your responsibility to print out your voucher and hand it to the course, VisitMurciaGolf.com will not accept any responsibility if you are refused entry to any course if you fail to present a voucher.

3) VisitMurciaGolf.com also accepts no responsibility for mislaid or defaced vouchers which are not accepted at any golf course.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1) VisitMurciaGolf.com has an obligation to inform golf courses of any cancellations from its customers – in order for the courses to be able to make these tee times available to other golfers. Therefore, VisitMurciaGolf.com requires at least 30 days of notice to make cancellations. Any cancellations made within this period will result in 100% of all payment being charged.

2) VisitMurciaGolf.com will issue a refund should a cancellation be made at least 30 days prior to the tee time.

3) VisitMurciaGolf.com will not issue a refund in the following instances:
- The reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the tee time
- In the case of 'no-shows'
- After the day of the tee time
- If players are refused entry to the course
- If players are asked to leave the course by course officials
- In the event of bad weather, and whereby the course is not closed
- If the tee time is not fulfilled due to any other circumstance beyond the control of VisitMurciaGolf.com.

Account Registration

1) VisitMurciaGolf.com requires its users to register their information to us, in order for you to be able to access the full range of services we provide.

2) We will only use your information as a means to contact you to confirm your reservation, request payment and for any other reason thereafter should we need to do so. Under no circumstance will VisitMurciaGolf.com pass your information on to a third party.

Course Maintenance

1) VisitMurciaGolf.com goes to every effort to contact courses to make sure that information is supplied to us detailing when courses are closed for maintenance.

2) VisitMurciaGolf.com will inform of any dates where courses are closed, should these dates conflict with any requested, a suitable alternative will be offered.

3) While courses are open immediately after their maintenance dates, we advice caution in playing these courses up to a week after maintenance. This to allow the conditions of the course to recover its condition, in order for you to enjoy your tee time.