THE LATEST NEWS AT HACIENDA RIQUELME GOLF RESORT are delighted with the commitment to the courses in the area - looking great for the summer and next season

A number of clients have asked us about the lakes at Hacienda Riquelme, and why they were almost empty. We have some good news from the resort committee concerning this issue and a few other golf course related issues. Details issued by the committee are below: 

We can now report that the accelerated program of increasing the water levels in all our lakes, that IRM had committed to in the last update on 11/5/14, has almost been completed. With four out of the five lakes on HR Golf Course now containing significantly high water levels and the last one about half-full, the visual appearance of the golf course for golfers and owners alike has been transformed in recent weeks. The lakes on holes 4/5, hole 7, hole 11 and the main lake on holes 9/18 are 'full' with the remaining lake on hole 16 (which was completely empty!) being about 'half-full' at the time of writing. It is expected that the water levels in the lake on hole 16 will increase over the coming weeks.   

New Subject : HR Golf Course: Original Water Features. When IRM were in the process of increasing the water level in the lake hole 7, we had the pleasant re-appearance of one of the original water features of the HR golf course, the small waterfall next to the 7th green. It is highly likely that many owners and golfers will never have seen this original water feature or even knew there was such a feature as it was stopped by PW in the early days. This feature did cause some excitement as we saw groups of people pointing at it and walking over to take a closer look. Basically the waterfall feature is normally driven by a constantly pumped water re-circulation system. The water flows over a channel from the lake hole 4, under the buggy bridge, over the waterfall and into lake hole 7 and then pumped back up to lake hole 4 again. Unfortunately it was not this mechanism working that gave us this waterfall recently, but simply the over-filling of lake hole 4 to allow the overflow to fill lake hole 7. Now that lake hole 7 has its required water level reached, the temporary waterfall operation is no longer.  There is actually another water feature which was in the original design of the HR golf course: a stream running from the lake hole 16, alongside the 16th fairway, over several small waterfalls, under the buggy bridge and into lake hole 11.

Again PW has stopped this running in the early days. The same water re-circulation system was likely in operation between the lakes 16 and 11.  We have been discussing with IRM the possibility of re-installing these original features which we feel just adds that additional level of visual uplift to our HR golf course and gets us back to the original Nicklaus designed HR course. IRM seem to be keen to review these original features and have agreed to try and to discover the existing mechanics of these features, how PW stopped them, and check if these could potentially be re-activated. IRM would not promise that even if these could be re-instated that these features would be run permanently. We assume there are some costs involved in running these systems. At the moment these costs are unknown. It would be more likely to be active during the day when the course was busy or when hosting major tournaments. 

IRM Golf News: IRM have confirmed that they have taken a positive step towards improvements in the condition of all their courses by employing a new Course Maintenance and Management company, to replace the previous company, Selprats. We have not yet been given the name of this new company.IRM remain committed to their Hacienda Riquelme Golf course, which is evident by their very considerable financial investment in the water to increase the levels in all the lakes. They are extremely confident that the HR golf course will return to the spectacular visual appearance and to the golfing excellence it had in the past. The above information was recently sent to owners. It is clear that IRM are improving the golf course and the general appearance of the resort at the same time.